If you’re an ambitious business owner, the chances are you’re looking to grow in 2013.

But perhaps you’re not quite sure where changes in the business need to be made, or feel that support from experts would really help accelerate the process.

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You may also have heard about the Growth Accelerator programme. It’s a government-backed initiative to get businesses growing faster (hence the name). It might just be the helping hand you need to get the growth process moving.

Growth Accelerator pairs up businesses with expert business coaches who can help them achieve high growth. The coaching is subsidised by the government, meaning you get great value for money. It also gives you the option of Leadership and Management training, also at a reduced cost. Read more about the scheme here.

Sales is one of the biggest areas where businesses were seeking improvement shown in the infographic. It can be a tough area to conquer, with many finding it hard not only to find new leads, but to build the right relationships and follow these up to their full potential.

This fits in nicely with our new Strategic Sales Management training course, aimed at ambitious business people responsible for the sales process. It will give you the skills to confidently manage the sales process from start to finish, and we anticipate that it will be available at the discounted price for Leadership and Management training given by Growth Accelerator to their clients. Read more about it here.

Infographic: 1000 businesses

We’d love to meet you to talk about how we can help your business grow. Please get in touch by calling 0117 317 8147, or emailing alexh@businesscopilot.co.uk.

GrowthAccelerator’s team of over 1000 Growth Managers and Growth Coaches nationwide offer tailored and expert coaching support to businesses, to enable high and substantial growth . Their research team recently conducted early analysis of the first 1,000 companies to have joined the service, which provided interesting insight into England’s aspiring high growth business community.

As the number of businesses signed up to the GrowthAccelerator service continues to grow, we will be conducting further analysis, to ensure what we offer is what our businesses need. We will also be looking in more detail at possible regional variations of the research. To find out more about this research please contact Kevin Woolnough in GrowthAccelerator’s research team.