Business CoPilot top brandsNo matter what the size of the organisation, no matter what it makes, no matter what – it will only succeed if customers buy from them. It is that vital transaction that determines success or failure.

No one is immune. Coca Cola, Nokia, Kit Kat, Ford, Apple. As soon as sales drop then alarm bells ring.

OK, I do accept that products and services need to be developed and innovated, that the support services are in place to delight the customer and yes marketing needs to be done to build awareness. But without customers buying then anything that the company does is not worthwhile. Put another way without sales it all fails

The problem is that many senior business people do not understand what selling actually means. Smarmy hair cuts, sharp suits, gift of the gab, morals of an alley cat are stereotypical traits of how sales people are viewed.

What traits do you think should be exhibited by a top line sales person? Here are a few starters:

  • Persuasive – able to lead a discussion
  • Knowledgeable – understands the nuances of the market
  • Intelligent – can demonstrate business acumen and business learning
  • Social – able to mix at all levels and speak fluently

What are your traits? Do let me know