Advice for when things get tough

7 Top Tips for handling tough times at work

Do any of these resonate? Lack of job security, turbulent change, indifferent support from senior management, missing KPIs, stress levels stratospheric and the pressure for results is relentless.

A lot of people I am talking to are experiencing tough times. How about you?

How to handle tough times

Rudyard Kipling summed it up beautifully in the opening lines of his classic poem If – “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,”

And that is the clue – how can you keep your head?

Here are my suggestions.

  • Don’t Panic. Good times come and go, so do bad times. The pendulum will swing from good to bad. I have been through more pendulum swings than most and I can tell you now that change is the one constant in life. Get used to it.
  • Act like a leader. A leader knows where they are going and works hard to get there. Even if you don’t have any staff, lead yourself! Take a good look at where you are, then where do you want to be and finally work out how you are going to get there. Then make it happen.
  • Start now. It’s no good waiting until your boat is swamped to start inflating the life raft. Set a time goal to break the big stuff into bite size pieces. But in the end JDI – Just Do It.
  • Get some support in – chose a few trusted advisors that you can share your concerns with. Let it all out. And having done that spend half of your time together reconstructing what you are going to do about your predicament. Have a good whine, then get back in the saddle and move on.
  • Look after yourself. Sleep, eat, drink in moderation, exercise, hobbies, socialising are all important for optimum performance. Tough times need you to be at your very best!!
  • Read about how you can make adjustments to cope better with what is happening around you. Try here for starters –
  • Support your bosses. They are also going through torrid times and for some this might be their first time and they are unsure what to do and how to lead. Help them. Be the perfect employee, do the right thing at the right time. Listen to them and offer constructive support.

In summary, do unto your bosses what you would have them do unto you but be positive. Be the change that you want to see in others.
And if that doesn’t work, call me…