There seems a current preoccupation within both the media in particular and society at large in judging who or what constitutes a success. There is a need to categorise everything in terms of winners and losers with very little room given to those in between, or thought given to the criteria used to decide who falls into which category. Now I am not against measurement per se, I just think that we need to apply some context to those measurements.

One of my wishes for 2011 is that we as a society are able to redefine our definition of success, and in business more than any other area of life this is particularly needed. Success in business should not only be defined by gross profits or size of company, and most of all we should not rely on others to define for us, whether we are successful or not. Success depends on achieving your objectives, whatever they may be, so how can someone who does not what your objectives are or your reasons for starting your business in the first place were, decide whether you are successful or not?

I believe we need to celebrate our own success on a daily basis and it should be up to us to define what constitute success. You could argue that anyone whose business has survived the financial turmoil of the past 18 months has been successful. Success is subjective, and it is up to us to define what constitutes a successful day, week or month.

Personally I believe anyone who has the courage and determination to set themselves up in business and pursue their dreams can count themselves as a success. Experts and statistician tells us that today is “officially” the most depressing day of the year (I hate to think how they calculate that!), so just in case there is any truth in that I am sending this out to everyone I know who works for themselves, to ask them to take some time out of their busy day, to just sit back for a few minutes and focus on what you have achieved. Remember you are always in control of how your are feeling. Events, situations and people only have the meaning you choose to give them, there will always be critics, but it is up to whether your listen to them and the amount of attention you pay to their views.

Why not make the choice today to be happy, and to focus on what you have achieved rather than what you haven’t. Our fiercest critic (and the only one that really matters in the end) is normally the one inside our head, and the good news is you have the power to control that one. So my challenge to you is to make this one of the most uplifting days of the year rather than the most depressing, as ever the choice is yours…