Benefits of coaching

 Sir John Whitmore is the author of an incredible book on coaching – Coaching for Performance. It is his list of the benefits of coaching that is used as it is comprehensive and never bettered in our view.

Improved performance and productivity

This must be number one, and we would not do it if it did not work. Coaching brings out the best in individuals and in teams, something that instructing does not even aspire to do, so how could it?

Staff development

As I have stated earlier, developing people does not mean just sending them on a short course once or twice a year. The way you manage will either develop them or hold them back. It’s up to you.

Improved learning

Coaching is learning on the fast track, without loss of time from the bench or desk. Enjoyment and retention are also enhanced.

Improved relationships

The very act of asking someone a question values them and their answer. If I only tell, there is no exchange. I might as well be talking to a load of bricks. I once asked a particularly silent but promising junior tennis player what he thought was good about his forehand. He smiled and said, “I don’t know. Nobody has ever asked me my opinion before.” That said it all to me.

Improved quality of life for individuals

Because of the respect for individuals, the improved relationships, and the success that will accompany coaching, the atmosphere at work will change for the better.

More time for the manager

Staff who are coached, who welcome responsibility, do not have to be chased or watched, freeing managers to perform their more overarching functions, which in the past they never found the time to do well.

More creative ideas

Coaching and a coaching environment encourage creative suggestions from all members of a team without the fear of ridicule or premature dismissal. One creative idea often sparks off others.

Better use of people, skills, and resources

A manager very often has no idea what hidden resources are available to him until he starts coaching. He will soon uncover many previously undeclared talents in his team as well as solutions to practical problems, which can only be found by those who have to carry out a task regularly.

Faster and more effective emergency response

In an atmosphere in which people are valued, they are invariably willing to push the boat out when or even before being called on to do so. In far too many organizations, where people are not valued they only do what they are told, and as little as possible at that.

Greater flexibility and adaptability to change

The coaching ethos is all about change, being responsive and responsible. In future the demand for flexibility will increase, not decrease. Increased competition in the market, technological innovation, instant global communication, economic uncertainty and social instability will see to that throughout our brief lifetime! Only the flexible and resilient will survive.

More motivated staff

I repeat here that both the carrot and the stick have lost their edge and that people perform because they want to, not because they have to. Coaching helps people to discover their self-motivation.

Culture change

The coaching principles underpin the management style of the high-performance culture to which so many business leaders aspire. Any coaching program will help make culture transformation more realizable.

A life skill

Coaching is both an attitude and a behavior, with multiple applications both in and out of work. It is more and more in demand, so even those who are looking to change their job soon are going to find it an invaluable skill wherever they go.

The Benefits of Coaching in full

So there you go. The benefits of coaching all in one list for you to choose the one that fits your needs best. Call us on 0117 2303166 for more information.