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If you are looking to move your business forward, then we can help. We provide strategic business advice, executive mentoring, commercial insights, and value creation plans to UK companies.

What our research has shown is that most leaders want an independent viewpoint to expand their options and choices. We help by enriching your thinking by opening new lines of thought.

We talk, we listen, we exchange ideas, challenge where necessary and together we make a plan that delivers.

Why we exist

Our goal is to inspire confidence in a company’s leadership team to move the business forward and achieve long term profitable growth.
In summary – we work with the senior leadership team to help them make better decisions.

Success stories
  1. Board advisor – helped grow sales from £8m to £30m by clarifying the target audience and creating a business structure that could scale.
  2. Sales Consultant – highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team and then helped restructure the team for growth.
  3. Marketing advisor – refocused company’s activities on a profitable and growing sector of their target audience.
  4. S&M Consultant – restructured a S&M team placing the right people in the right places, embedded relevant KPIs, changed focus to a select few sectors rather than shot gun approach.
  5. Mentoring – advised Commercial Director how to plan for growth and implement the plan effectively.
  6. S&M Advisor – oversaw the change of business strategy from generalist to specialist. Benefit was higher margins, larger order size, less complexity.
  7. NED – prepared a digital marketing agency for sale that enhanced the sales price and speeded up the transaction.
  8. DISC Personality Profiling – assessed a team’s capacity for growth and crafted individual personal development plans
How to scale a business

Are you looking to scale your business? Do these challenges resonate with you?

  • Lack of a vision that drives performance
  • Lack of team engagement or failure to hire and retain top talent
  • Inadequate quality assurance and control
  • Having a poor reputation
  • Poor adherence to regulatory compliance
  • KPI’s that fail to drive performance
  • Having the wrong customers on board not retaining your better customers
  • Delivering poor customer service
How we operate

We work together to help create a business plan that works. Our proposed plan will seek to remove those obstacles to growth through a blend of people, process, and performance.

Here are other ways Business CoPilot can help:

  • Executive coaching and mentoring for key personnel
  • Strategic change management including succession planning
  • Refresh the Company structure to improve effectiveness and efficiency
What next

Book a free 1-to-1 call on 0117 230 3166 to discuss your business growth aspirations. Your one-hour session will seriously improve your mind-set and accelerate business growth. or email us on

  1. How much does it cost? It varies. Sometimes we do it on a day rate basis, other times on a monthly retainer. Our typical day rate is £1,200 +VAT.
  2. How long does it take? We suggest that 3 months minimum to give us the time to assimilate your business and get to know the people and then to make informed suggestions.
  3. How long is the contract? That depends on the nature of the work, but we do not lock our customers in to extended periods of work.
  4. What is the notice period? There is no notice period. It ends when you want it to.

Call us on 0117 230 3166 or email at

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