Business growth services

Does business growth keep you awake at night?

Building a business is exciting, and it’s no wonder you want to talk about your achievements, your goals, and your fears. But who do you talk to?
Talk to the Business CoPilot, expert business coaches and advisers helping business leaders to grow the business.

To accelerate business growth, you want clarity, confidence and control.


We work as business coaches using the principal of “Flucture” – a union of flexibility and structure to create the environment in which you can thrive:

Business Growth Services - flucture

  • Structure – have in place the formal
    processes to succeed
  • Flexibility – adapting the structures to the
    specific needs of your businesses

How we can help enhance business growth

Here’s how The Business CoPilot can help through our business growth services:

What we do

What we at the Business CoPilot do is help you unblock your thinking. We talk, we listen, we exchange ideas, challenge where necessary and together we then execute the business growth plan.

So that you can move forward confidently, enthusiastically, focused, inspired to do more.

What next

Call now on 0117 230 3166 to book your one-hour session that will set you on the path to enhanced business growth.

Your first 1-to-1 meeting is a chance to discuss the things that matter with business experts who can offer well-informed advice as well as a listening ear.

It’s an opportunity to think about where you want your business to go, and how you’re really going to make it fly.

Our role is to listen and to see how we can help you meet those goals. Our aim is to make sure you leave with direction, enthusiasm and your confidence restored.

The main benefits you’ll get from the session are:

  • You talk about yourself, your issues, your concerns
  • You will receive impartial and objective feedback on your progress so far
  • You will take away some valuable insights, advice and ideas for the future

In fact, you can talk about anything that bothers you, as it is totally confidential.

Book your 1-to-1 now by calling us on 0117 230 3166 or email us at .

Is this for you?

Here’s who we help:

  • First time running a business
  • Small business owners seeking to grow and expand
  • Established business owners looking for sustainable growth

For each group, we’ve tailored our business growth services to reflect the client’s position on the business flight path, focusing on specific growth hurdles business owners need to rise above into clearer skies.

Call us on 0117 230 3166 to talk through our business growth services.

The business growth services process 

To deliver our business growth services, we’ve developed our own mnemonic – PILOT – which translates into five critical discussion points:

  • Present location – What is the current location? Are you where you want to be
  • Issues – What’s not working? What do you need to change?
  • Landing destination – Where are you trying to get to? What are your goals?
  • Obstacles – What challenges do you need to overcome? What is holding you back?
  • Tasks – What do you need to do differently? How could you work differently?

Finally, here is a maxim that is worth recording:

“Treatment without diagnosis is malpractice.”
– Warren Hoffman (renowned leadership author and coach)