Business Networking Skills – Manage your Mingling

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Networking is one means of personal and business growth, but it should not be used in isolation.

Have a long hard look at yourself to determine what exactly it is that people will be prepared to buy from you. It means some heavy mental lifting, it means being prepared to ask others for their views and then being humble enough to modify your views if needed.

Having found this you get in to the ABC of success

A = Activities

Successful individuals are hives of activity. They are “doing” orientated. But they aren’t spinning but focussed. They do the heavy lifting of working out who they are. They get it right. They do the right things with the right people to the right customers at the right price in the right place at the right time.

B = Brand

Successful individuals know who they are and recognise the value of their brand. They cherish it and nurture it. They know that it takes time to build a strong brand but only a few moments to destroy it. It has lasting value that ensures a legacy. Everything they do adds value to their brand and their reputation.

C = Corroboration

Successful individuals have evidence to corroborate their brand and expertise. They have easily recognised trophy clients. They advertise their successes and promote their expertise through the skilful use of testimonials, reviews, articles and PR.

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