Career coaching for ambitious professionals

Career coaching for professionals to help make informed career choices. By that I mean I help them to identify strengths, skills and their past experience and use the insights gained to make better career decisions

Working though a carefully structured programme, you discover your own values through a variety of different assessment methods. These include DISC personality profiling , Mental Toughness, Johari’s Widow, and in-depth unstructured interviews

Armed with your own value set we then look at career decisions in the short, medium and long term. The key point is that it is all about you and your own strengths, not a flat pack solution.

It all starts with your goals – what do you want and by when. We know that these may change. But having them at the outset means that you have something concrete to work on, a concrete concept to kick start your motivation and enthusiasm.

Plans without actions are just a load of empty words

We work together to make your goals a reality. You know that there will be obstacles to overcome, people to deal with and changes to manage. Your motivation will ebb and flow as will your time limits.

What we at the Business CoPilot do is help you unblock your thinking. We talk, we listen, we exchange ideas, challenge where necessary and together we then plan what happens next.  So that you can move forward confidently, enthusiastically, focused, inspired to do more.  Which means you get more done, engage more, live more. 

Working with ambitious professionals to achieve career success

I help them bring clarity, confidence and momentum to their career journey

Helping you to be confident about what your strengths are is the start point for any successful career. Know how to use them to best effect is what makes us different. We inspire confidence to generate momentum.

If you are interested in talking to me about Career Coaching, please feel free to contact me for a Free 30 minute Career Assessment by calling me on

We can arrange a suitable package of services to suit your own bespoke needs. We can also agree a fee and a time period. 

PS – over 90% of the people who read this don’t take any action. The 10% that do are the ones that move forward faster and climb higher than those that don’t. The choice is yours. Call me on 0117 230 3166 or email me here – Rob Hook