Vision – the foundation for business growth

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Get everyone involved

Business growth for many companies is the outworking of doing things right, hard work and a slice of good fortune. What they do well is to deliver value to their customers. Business growth should follow. But, for some that level of growth is insufficient. They are looking for above average growth.

The Directors of a business asked me for some strategic business advice. It was a B2B business in the construction sector. The business had evolved over several iterations, eventually morphing into a business primed for growth. The question for the Directors and for me was – how?

Start at the beginning – VISION

As a consultant there is a well-worn path to helping companies with their strategic business planning:

1. Do the research
2. Present the findings
3. Draw up the strategic business plan
4. Implement the plan

We assembled the Directors and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) off site for a half day of strategy planning. We wrote anything and everything that mattered to the business on sticky squares of paper and stuck them on the wall. We then arranged them so they made sense. A detailed strategic business plan followed.

A strong VISION for growth

What became abundantly clear early on, was the desire to grow the business. It was the key components of their vision for the business which we know is an essential component for enabling growth.

It wasn’t plain sailing that’s for sure. It took big thoughts, stretching of boundaries, butting of egos.

It took sacrifices. The Directors had to forego earnings and profit shares. They decided instead to fold them back into funding business growth.

Get everyone involved

We communicated the vision for growth to the team  in a positive, engaging way, which ensured they bought into it.

The result


It worked. The Directors are aligned, united and mutually supportive. A recipe for success.