Case study – People

Right people – wrong jobs

Get the right people in the right jobs, doing the right things, and that will solve most business-related problems.

We were asked to consult with a firm that had ambitions to grow, but somehow, they could not get off the ground. As soon as they won a new piece of work, they lost any spare time they had. They could therefore not work on the business.

The problem

Our in-depth diagnostic revealed that they had the right people in place, they were just doing the job in a way that hampered growth. The sales team were holding on to the projects for far too long. They could only grow if they handed the newly won projects over to a competent Ops team.

We set about convincing the team about how important having job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities with clear demarcations. We set about recruiting an experienced Ops team that could scale, and then watched and waited for the next new project…


Inevitably the sales team reverted to type, being reluctant to hand over the project. A bit of coaching and mentoring, (plus a bit of arm wrestling!) and we soon overcame this reluctance. The problems were sorted.

The business could now scale. The sales team could focus all their energies and skills in onboarding new clients, even those with more complex needs. The Ops team could deliver without constant interaction from the sales team. Everybody wins…