“I hate cold calling with a passion” was my response to a question about how best to get new business. It got me thinking, why can I say something as strong as “hate” to what is after all a perfectly normal business activity?

Here is the logic and my response.

1. Would I call someone I knew – yes.
2. Would I cold call someone I did not know if I knew that they had a problem – yes
3. Would I call someone I did not know and did not know if they had a problem – no

I had to conclude that I would cold call them only if I knew with certainty that they had a problem.

This was a breakthrough for me. And that is my next move – to wrap up what we do as a solution to a problem that I am convinced that they have.

It might just lower the level of emotion from HATE to dislike, and that I can deal with. After all, I do things all day that I dislike.

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(ps – I know there are other ways of generating new business – cold calling is just one of them)