sunbizJune is in full swing, and summertime is upon us. Yes, we might look out of the window and see grey skies, or even – dare I say it? – rain! But according to the longer days and impending school holidays, it is definitely summer.

Assuming that your business isn’t seasonal and looking forward to a warm-weather boom, you could face a lull as people start to switch off and get into holiday mode.

So how can you prepare, and what can you do to minimise its impact?

Grow your network (on and offline)

This is a great time to attend as many events as possible and build your network. Attending after-work events on summer evenings is much more appealing than rainy nights when it gets dark early! Be careful though, as some regular events may not take place in summer months, so make sure you check the details before heading out.

Automate what you can

If you and others you work with are going to be away, it’s a better excuse than ever to automate what communications you can. Automate responses to newsletter sign ups, with timed follow-ups if you can, and set out a timetable of social media posts to keep it ticking over while you switch off. Personalised marketing is still essential, but these can be a handy supplement.

Send your staff out for training

This can also be a great time to send staff out for training, and can be a constructive way to keep holiday-headed employees focused while also renewing their enthusiasm.

Take a break

One thing you must do is make sure you take a break yourself, switching off completely. A break where you check your emails and deal with issues is not a break. Make sure you book time off well in advance and make the necessary preparations before you leave to ensure everyone knows you’ll be out of action. This is your reward for being connected for the rest of the year, so don’t feel guilty!

(NB. Make sure your autoresponse message is correct, rather than just setting it off with the same message as your holiday last year, to avoid confusion over when you will return.)


Summer is a brilliant time to try out all of the innovative ideas you have thought of but haven’t had time for. Perhaps it’s a new marketing method or an initiative to increase productivity. Perhaps you want to try an incentive for returning clients. Whatever it is, now is the time to give it a go!