Does coaching work?

You want to know how does coaching work. Imagine this scenario. You are walking along a road when you come to an intersection with 5 possible new paths to follow. You know that your end destination is over 30 miles away.

Which would you choose and how would you know which if any will get you to your destination? 

Ask advice

So you ask for advice but each adviser offers their own version of the right choice.

  • A Mentor would point to one path and say – it worked for me.
  • Your Boss or Peers would point to another path and say go down there –  it is where we want you to be.
  • Your Partner or family would suggest you go down yet another of the paths – it is the best for us.
  • Your past or fears point out yet another route to take – it will be the least painful.
  • But there is a right one – the path to find out who you really are.

A coach helps

The thing is it may be painful, reveal new or hidden hurts and yes it will be difficult. but it will be the only one that will give lasting value.

And it is only a coach that will help you to choose the right path, the one made for you. They can help you to manage the change without promoting their own view.

Still unsure what to do?

How does coaching work. Try this very simple exercise to see a first step principle of coaching then apply the principle to a bigger or more pressing issue.

The first part of any coaching engagement is to determine the problem to be solved. Sometimes that is very tangible. You have to pay a cheque into the bank but don’t have the time. 

It is the issues that are feelings based that are harder to quantify and therefore to determine. Our suggestion is that you name it with a childish name. Just like they name a hurricane. It doesn’t change the nature of the hurricane or its destructive capability but at least you can then use the name as a shorthand description of the problem. Winston Churchill called his depressions Black Dog.

By naming it and defining it you are already on the way to weakening its grip.

Speak it out loud

Then speak it out loud. It is amazing how powerful that one simple step can be. By saying it out loud something inexplicable happens that somehow changes your perspective and can then offer up options as yet unknown.

Try it – leave yourself a voice mail message. Say it as you are walking along. Or call us on 0117 230 3166 and we will listen – no charge.

Does coaching work? Yes it does. It is a powerful means of managing change and making better decisions. If you want to know more then do please call us on 0117 230 3166 to speak about the issues that are keeping you awake.