In the online marketing sphere, one question pops up frequently: “Is email marketing dead?”

It’s an understandable emotion. Inboxes can be grey places where reminders and barely-relevant CCs go to die, their unread content slowly moving inexorably to the archive and eventual oblivion.

Here is the good news. A well-crafted, interesting newsletter can be a joy to behold amongst this dismal greyness.

We are all sitting at our screens, with alerts to new mail blooming and fading in the corners of our eyes. As I’m sure you will know, when something genuinely interesting pops up, it can be difficult to ignore. So how do you, as a business owner, tap in to this opportunity and distract a potential customer with your product?

An email newsletter is the perfect way to do just that. One of our recent success stories actually prompted me to write this blog. A client came to us for an email newsletter, and from the most recent newsletter we sent (which was only his 2nd), he received 2 good-quality enquiries asking to meet with him, directly referencing the newsletter as the prompt for getting in touch. Needless to say, we were incredibly pleased, as was he!

It won’t happen like this all the time, but even when it doesn’t, the newsletter still has immense value, providing detailed analytics to show you who is interested in what and how many times they have opened your emails. Warmed leads reveal themselves with each new email sent.

Even with the advent of social media, the email newsletter is still a fantastic way to reach your current database and warm your cold leads with relevant content, eye-catching design and calls to action. I am happy to report that, from my point of view, email marketing is still very much alive.