Most business owners will glibly trot out when asked that their staff are their biggest asset, but I would suggest that a high percentage of these same business owners struggle to take a proper holiday for 2 weeks without having to contact the office regularly either through choice (habit) or necessity. So how does that work if the staff are so great? Why the need for regular contact during a holiday?

My guess is that the staff aren’t actually empowered to make decisions and take responsibility. They have the skills and the ability to run the show but no-one has actually given them the permission to do so. They are conditioned to being delegated to or to handle requests, but they are not allowed to be creative or show initiative. Now in this situation both the owner who can’t switch off his phone when away and the staff who have to contact them to ask for decisions / guidance both lose out. One feels hassled, the other ones feel undervalued.

Now imagine how different the scenario would be if their owner had regularly and consistently empowered his team to make decisions and back their own judgement. The owner gets a proper break and the staff job satisfaction in spades. A straight forward win/win.

Now I appreciate empowerment is not always easy or even a natural thing to do if you are the boss, so why not start small and build from their. Maybe start with a small project or spend a normal work day out of contact away from the office.

You owe it to yourself and to your staff to give it a proper go.