Enabling Growth

Success Is No Secret!

As you already know, success is the outcome of diligent preparation and unremitting hard work that focuses everything on delivering the right results.

It’s doing things right and doing the right things.  But what are the “things” that need to be done?

Having over 10 years experience working with ambitious owner managers, we have identified the 5 essential business areas that you need to focus on to achieve long term, sustainable growth. We call these – The 5 Growth Enablers.

The 5 Growth Enablers

These are the five key elements to Business Growth:


Having an inspirational vision


Having the right people in the right roles


Having systems and procedures in place that support the business efforts


Delighting customers at each and every touchpoint


Having an outstanding reputation

Achieving Growth

This is how the Enablers enhance growth and deliver success.

Your Vision continues to inspire the right People in the right roles who in turn deliver better results. They follow the Processes that deliver business efficiency. Customers are delighted and your Reputation grows.

How Mature Is Your Business?

If you would like to discover how mature your business is in each of these areas, then please click on this link. It will take you to our online assessment. It takes just a few minutes to complete and is completely free. No preparation is needed. Just an honest, pragmatic assessment of your business.

We will then send you a report highlighting what you do well and what areas are needing further attention.

To create an even more accurate and valuable assessment, we recommend that the Senior Management Team (or equivalent) also complete it. We can then see where there is alignment and where there is misalignment. All Senior Management Team responses will be kept confidential.

Don’t delay, take your first step to propelling your business forward… it really is that quick and easy