Energising conversations

“How do I know what I am thinking until I have said it” is the comment that sparked this blog post.

It was made by a client of mine during one of our monthly meetings where we talked about how to grow their business.
They talked about their ideas, their expectations, concerns and vision for the future. We swapped stories about situations at work and how it impacted the other areas of their life and those around them.We talked, we listened and then we agreed an outline plan of activity or homework.

What was so energising about this was exchange was the actual conversation itself. It was usually fast, wide ranging, free flowing, give and take and equal opportunity to talk and listen. Both of us learned more about each other and in so doing came away bigger than when we entered.

So how was it that an unscripted, unstructured chat could have such a motivational impact on us both.

Here are my starters for ten:
1. As there was just the two of us we both had to contribute in equal measure. It isn’t therapy although there might be some therapeutic effect as a consequence.
2. We talked about anything and everything that mattered to us both.
3. The conversations were rich in metaphor, stories, parables and real life experiences. They were alive.
4. We laugh a lot.
5. We listen hard.
6. We were open and honest, well as far as we can be.
7. We had no boundaries. The clients are looking at ways to grow their business and it was this that framed the conversation. As owner managers the overlap between work and non-work was massive and so the conversations could be wide ranging
8. No one had a role to play. We talked as normal human beings having a conversation about business growth that normal people would have
9. We appreciated one another’s contributions and each other’s feelings.
10. We held tight to the important and release the hold on the unimportant as we want to learn and expand.
11. We said what we needed to say. Positive, negative, irreverent, funny, gossipy.
12. We had one goal – to enjoy the sessions.

The outcome is always that we are both energised because we had the chance to open our minds and fly unconstrained by reality, ego or expectations.

Sometimes we clashed, sometimes we were in violent agreement.

It mattered not. What is key is that words were said and heard, that in turn sparked more words, more ideas, more lines of thought. New lines were open that allowed further reflection, or confirmation or dissonance that needs resolving.

If you think that having energising conversations could help, then find a trusted adviser who has the bandwidth, chemistry, value set and experiences and get talking or call me on 0117 230 3166 to see if I am that trusted adviser for you.

Have you had any energising conversations recently?