Executive career coaching and mentoring for career and personal development 

Being in business can be an exhilarating, challenging, exciting time where fame and fortune beckon and are even achieved. It can be a place of fulfillment, of identity backed by a supportive network of contacts.

It can also be a lonely, dispiriting, soul crushing experience for those unsuited, unskilled or unable to hit the dizzy heights of success.

Touching the Void

It is between these two extremes that most people in business exist. Nobody has it quite right. There is always some niggle or seed of doubt about what needs to be done and in what order, career progression or even selection of a career path, interactions and relationships with subordinates, peers and management. These can all play on the mind and if unheeded can impact on performance.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. With the right support, nurturing advice and insightful situational reviews using the executive career coaching programme, it is possible to turn around even the most demanding of situations. Call us on 0117 230 3166 for more information. 

How it works

Here is the outline of the Business CoPilot executive career coaching programme for you to review. It is part menu, allowing you to view options, and part thought generator.

Our collaboration is designed to achieve two things:

1.   Clarity in defining who you are, what you are and the value you generate.

2.   Confidence in maximising this knowledge about who you are, what you are and the value you generate.


The executive career coaching programme provides guidance and support to help keep you on the business flight plan.

Benefits to you

Being in business can be a lonely affair: with the right sort of assistance, support, encouragement and guidance, you will:

  • Achieve focus – Work towards your visions, goals and objectives thus achieving more in any given time frame.
  • Achieve more – Work on the important activities by breaking larger projects in to bite size workable chunks in the right order.
  • Achieve confidence – Work knowing you are doing the right things and doing them the right way.
  • Achieve balance – Work in a balanced way to ensure long term sustainability enhancing your overall welfare.
  • Overcome obstacles – Seek new paths and remove old hurdles.

Structure – how it all happens

To start the executive career coaching programme you will complet an initial goal setting and personal action plan. 

You will then complete the DISC Personality Assessment. At the first session we will review the DISC report and the goal setting plans.

We will meet monthly for 2 further months for 2.5 hours per session. If required you can call via telephone or SKYPE to review progress against goals, objectives and activity list.

We will write up a report highlighting activity to date and issues raised for your own personal use only.

You will receive on-going email support and advice during normal business hours for 3 months.


Urgent support for matters arising outside of normal working hours. The rate for this service to be agreed in advance of any engagement. Our suggestion is £50 for each out of hours email or telephone conversation.


This executive career coaching service would require an investment of £1,378 plus VAT, the initial time period would be 3 months.

Call me now – Robert M. Hook MBA – 0117 230 3166