The first step in the development of the marketing funnel is building awareness.

You have your product or service offering sorted, you know who your target audience are, where they hang out, and you can make contact with them.

What needs to happen next is to build awareness. Advertising in journals, radio, TV, Direct Mail, blogging, and social media campaigns using Twitter and Facebook are all valid ways to do it.

What I find hardest to do is to persuade clients to undertake this critical part of the process with any enthusiasm. The reason being that building awareness is a rather messy business. Its like fishing: You just don’t know which fish will bite, when and how hungry they are when they do bite.

My advice is to persevere with it. There will be more failures than wins, more rejections than acceptances. But as the awareness pot fills up, you will notice that over time and with the right sort of effort, they will transform from “I don’t know who you are, what you are selling, why I should buy from you, and you charge how much!!!” to enthusiastic advocates for your offering.

To help you to stick with this task, have a look at the things you like to do and build on that. For instance, if you like writing, then write. If you like social media then do that and if the telephone is your preferred form of communication, then use it.


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