Key Account Management training Bristol, Bath and the South West

Who is it for?

This key account management course is for senior sales people who are seeking to maximise their key accounts management skills.

The material is also relevant for those individuals who are involved with building relationships or who manage long-term customer contracts.

Enhancing Client Life Time Value!

Maximising CLTV generates higher profits and builds long term stability into any firm. It is an essential component of success.

We all know that our existing customers and those on long-term contracts are the most important ones. But they need to be nurtured. Relationships need to be forged at various levels within the firm. Individuals and decision makers each with their own needs and wants must be supported whilst simultaneously seeking to generate profit for the company. It’s a fine balancing act and few do it well.

The key account management training workshop will establish a mindset of proactive interaction with major clients. It ensures wherever possible a win-win outcome.

What will I get out of it?

  • Plot the relationship map – who does what and how powerful are they
  • Set goals and objectives that make a difference – ensure all relevant stakeholders are engaged and embedded
  • Build personal strong bonds both internally and externally to create above average returns
  • Build those important long-term relationships at all levels – from the CEO to the cleaner (if that matters)
  • Negotiation skills that will ensure you get the best from the deals
  • Networking skills – manage your mingling and grow the key relationships
  • Manage multiple relationships with equally high levels of service

What will I learn?

  • How to adopt a structured approach to account planning
  • Where to invest the  time needed to maximise the relationship value
  • Simple tools to drive an account plan
  • Building the relationship
  • Using personaility trai preferences to understand behaviour
  • Techniques for building rapport
  • An understanding of your own behaviour
  • Influencing skills
  • Influencing techniques to change behaviour
  • Network management
  • Large-scale behavioural change
  • Conflict resolution
  • An understanding of what creates conflict in accounts
  • A practical model to use in conflict situations
  • Structures and best practice for dealing with complaints

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Key Account Management Training Bristol