I was speaking with one of my clients recently who mentioned how lucky he thought he was having a certain member of staff working for his company. My reply was the whilst the employee in question definitely was a valuable member of  his staff, I was not sure why he was assigning this relationship to luck. He built his company from scratch, he created the work place, he designed the roles, he created a great working environment, he selected this employee from a large number that applied, so why put it down to luck??

Broadly speaking in my experience in business end up with the type of customers and staff they deserve. A great boss will attract and retain great staff & customers in the same way a great barmaid or barrista will attract customers to their particular pub or coffee shop. No luck involved.

Gary Player, the great South African golfer, once observed the more he practiced the luckier he got in events, so in his experience the amount of luck he gained was directly proportional to amount of work he put in on the practice course.  My personal favourite definition is on a similar vein namely ” luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.”

In life, as in business, I think doing the right things repeatedly and consistently will bring the results you deserve. And I for one would  prefer to think that I have an element of control over outcomes, rather than relying on some random, unpredictable force known more commonly as luck to pay me a visit.