I met with Julia Cawte earlier in the week. She is a voice coach who helps people to speak well in public. What struck me most was her vitality, it flowed from her. We got to talking about her past. This lady has a past that would floor most of us. No details here but they include being a very tiny person, debilitating illness and serious work related problems.

At the end of our talk she read out this poem. She spoke of the contrast between what she was and how she saw herself, in her soul or in her spirit. It moved me so much I had to share it – I hope you don’t mind.


I am but my spirit is
I exist but my spirit lives
I am small but my spirit stands tall
I have limits but my spirit is all
I hurt but my spirit soothes
I am still but my spirit moves
I whisper but my spirit roars
I stumble but my spirit soars
I am pale but my spirit glows
I doubt but my spirit knows
I desire but my spirit loves
I think but my spirit does
I am shackled but my spirit is free
So I shall be what my spirit is

So when times seem rough, reflect on who you are and not what you are. You are not bound by the circumstances. Thank you Julia, you made a difference in at least one life.