Strategic Sales Management Training CourseHaving read umpteen books on motivation I knew that the key to success lay in writing a list of activities, prioritise them and reward myself when completed. Note that the key was in writing down the list. There is something about writing it down that somehow seems to make it more real than typing it, or dictating it.

Here are the five things on my list as it stands now:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Johari’s Window
  • How to promote DISC personality assessments
  • Get new client

After my second cup of coffee I sat down to go through the list and found it very demotivating. So much so that I closed my special Moleskin finely crafted notebook, purchased specially as a component of my motivational toolkit, and went off to reflect. This blog is the outcome.

Looking at the list it was obvious that the activities were either huge chunks of work, or not SMART or were outcomes in their own right and not activities.

So I rewrote the list:

  • Website – finish off formatting the text by end of Thursday
  • Write one 400 word blog highlighting an aspect of work that clients might struggle with by 10.00 Thursday
  • Read three articles on Johari’s Window and make comprehensive notes to assess if it should be part of the coaching offering by COB on Friday
  • Review Google analytics for DISC personality assessments to calculate if it is viable as a means of promoting it
  • Using the dB of HR contacts, make 10 calls to discuss their attitudes to coaching and mentoring by COB Friday

Much better. These are jobs that I can crack on with and do. It was worth working on the list to make it work. In fact, the second one on the list is now complete and it is only 09.16!!