Session two: I feel so elevated!

This week I was told I would need to deliver my elevator pitch and list my core services; what they are, and how they stand out from my competitors. Gulp. I realise this is something I should have done from the start, however my attitude has always been: “Yep, I can do that”. So hear goes… The elevator pitch! “I raise the awareness of companies in Bristol using media relations, events & social media. This gains trust, loyalty and likeability from their customers, which plays a major role in the sales process”. Ta da! It may need some work, but it’s already much better than “I do PR

Now we come onto my core services: Defining them was easier than I thought. However, the important task of listing their advantages and benefits – much harder! I know what I do and how I do it, but I suppose I needed to address why I do it. What will my customer achieve? Why will they choose me? I think this is always going to be uncomfortable for business people and yet so, so important.

Nick really has pushed me with this – and by the end of the session, I’ve come away with a precise offering: What I do and what makes me the best.

I am so happy. Next week we’re discussing the products and services in more detail so that I have defined packages making it easy for people to buy. I wonder how long these details would have eluded me, and how long I would have stayed where I was: Comfort zone. Oh and my final piece of homework – decide on a business name! Any idea’s?