A bit about me:

I have been working as a freelance PR consultant since 2010, when I found a passion for it the previous year with my events business. I raise the awareness of businesses in Bristol using my specialities in Events Management, Media Relations/Traditional PR and Social Media. I am very excited about diarising my journey with Business CoPilot, I hope you enjoy it as I will. Kerry.

 Session one: I Don’t Need a Coach!

I have never thought of myself as someone who needed a coach. I always believed my drive and passion were the recipe for success and anything else I needed, I would somehow learn along the way. Of course my plan was flawed. My business has recently started to grow and I now need to make decisions that require more than my passion!

 I had met Nick about 6 months ago through networking, he seemed to know lots about business, and could relate to my new fears and worries. What I really like is that Nick has certain skills, that I do not – he is organised; I am cluttered; he encourages structure; I love spontanaety. It was obvious I needed to introduce structure and organisation into my worklife, so he was, and is the pefect choice.

 I know I won’t change, but I do realise that I need support, someone to keep my feet on the ground, and my eye on the ball.

 During our first session, Nick got me to write down my goals (previously held in my determined head) and is helping to guide me with the decisions I’ve been facing based on these goals.

 It’s an amazing feeling when you’ve just written down where your life is going to be in 6 months, 12 months and 3 years. It sounds silly but although I knew where I was going, I didn’t really care about when or how I would get there, but without a specific date, how committed was I really?

 Once I had established my goals, we started to look at my offerings – what is it I actually do? Easy I thought… Again I was wrong – I was almost saying I could offer anything to any business. My website was just like me: Excited but unclear. Nick helped me to pin down my offering, distinguish between my ‘willing to do’ and my actual skills, and as a result help me massively improve my website content and my promotional material.

 I can’t wait for next week when we’ll be speaking about my sales & marketing. I’m sure I don’t need any help there…

 Kerry Hale