Got a big sales pitch coming up?

Here are my 5 top tips for nailing that important sales pitch

1. Understand the clients brief. Delve deep, ask the awkward questions, help to clarify their thinking. Do not begin the pitch planning process until you are absolutely convinced that you know what the client wants from you.

2. Are you making up the numbers. Establish your chances of winning the pitch before you go any further. The easiest way is to ask the client directly. OK, the client may not answer a direct question, but they might tell you who the current supplier is, how long they have been in place and the quality of the relationship. If in doubt, refuse to quote. You will save so much time and energy by not going for work you had no chance of winning.

3. What is the budget. Make sure you know the budget before starting the creative process, even if it is an estimate. Keep badgering away until you know the amount they want to spend. The feed it back in writing prior to the actual day of the pitch.

4. Answer the questions. Craft your pitch around how you will resolve the issue they posed in the creative brief. What SPECIFICALLY are you going to do to help the client achieve their goals and objectives? It’s not about how good you are but how well you answer their question.

5. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Never ever attempt to wing it. Do a full dress rehearsal. Nerves will play a huge part. A famous military regiment had this motto – “Train Hard, fight easy”. Work hard at the rehearsal stage, preferably in front of an independent but knowledgeable expert. If you have butterflies then at least get them to fly in formation. A full dress rehearsal will ensure that the key points are made clearly and in the right order.

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