What will your marketing task be today?Thinking up an entire marketing strategy, and then putting it into practice can seem like a daunting prospect.

But what if you set aside time every single day to complete just one task?

Breaking the vast concept of ‘marketing’ down into manageable chunks may well turn it into a much more approachable and appealing idea. Marketing expert Seth Godin suggests that doing one of these tasks or something similar every day will in itself accumulate to a substantial marketing presence:

  • Send a handwritten and personal thank you note to a customer
  • Write a blog post about how someone uses your product or service
  • Research and post a short article about how an aspect of your industry works
  • Introduce one colleague to another in a significant way that benefits them both
  • Read the first three chapters of a business or other how-to book
  • Record a video teaching your customers how to do something
  • Teach at least one of your employees a new skill
  • Change something on your website and record how it changes interactions
  • Help a non-profit in a significant way (make a fundraising call or do outreach)

And if none of those capture your imagination, maybe you could spend a few minutes searching for useful LinkedIn connections and groups, or posting a relevant link to Twitter if you have an account?

With the vast amount of options like social media, email marketing and traditional communication methods available to businesses today, the possibilities are endless. Communication is such a broad area that there’s bound to be a method out there which suits you and your business. If you haven’t found it yet, why not try something from the list above? You could soon see a simple but effective communication strategy forming.

Do you have one bite-sized piece of marketing which you could do each day? Could breaking the larger strategy up into smaller pieces help make the task less daunting?