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This Strategic Sales Management Training open workshop is for ambitious business people tasked with the responsibility for sales. This Strategic Sales Management Training workshop will show you how to manage the sales process and to guide the people who make it happen.

Generating new, profitable business is an essential management task. Done well, it builds profits and revenue. Done poorly and it will add significant costs and could severely damage your firm’s reputation. Maximise your firm’s sales efforts by managing the strategic sales function effectively and efficiently.

Learn how to lead and manage the strategic sales process. Learn the principles of selling, the art of effective prospecting, delivering a compelling sales presentation, negotiating to win and implementing an effective sales process. Once you understand these, you can efficiently manage and motivate the people involved in the sales function.

What you will cover

You will leave the course confident in your ability to manage the sales function. You will be able to show where it is flying in formation and where it is stalling. And most importantly, your confidence will soar as you see the changes that make a real difference.

Content includes:

  • Overview of Leadership – what it is and how it differs from management
  • What is selling – how it differs from marketing
  • The marketing mix – the 4 P’s and the 7 P’s
  • The legal essentials – what is a contract
  • Terms and conditions – use and abuse
  • B2B versus B2C – how a Decision Making Unit (DMU) really works
  • The sales pipeline – from cold contact to hot prospect
  • Know your target audience and what they want to buy
  • Creating awareness in the relevant market sector
  • How networking really works
  • Deliver confident sales presentations
  • Handling objections effortlessly
  • Closing the sales for a win-win result
  • Negotiate successfully to maximise profits
  • Ensure prompt and effective follow-up
  • The sales administration process – map the customer journey
  • Reveal pinch points through analysis of the sales metrics
  • Managing sales people – recruitment, retention, pay and rewards
  • International sales – is export for you 

What’s included

  • Guided instruction and facilitation with a seasoned international sales professional with over 25 years sales management experience
  • Small highly interactive classes to make sure you address your specific issues
  • Course manual and hand outs
  • Develop your own take-home action plan
  • Personalised certificate of completion
  • Answers to questions that you cannot find in books or online
  • On-going email and telephone support for six weeks after the course
How you and your company will benefit
We do not aim to turn you into sales people. Your role is to run the business. Our only goal is to make sure you can manage the sales function and the people involved in it. To make sure that the customer journey, from first enquiry to a buy and beyond, is efficient and customer friendly.You and your company will benefit from:
  • Confidence – manage the sales process from start to finish
  • Increased momentum – motivate the team to deliver profitable customer service
  • Better clients through effective prospecting –  find and cultivate high value clients
  • Enhanced reputation – deliver better presentations that promote your company and build its reputation
  • Speed up the customer journey – eliminate pinch points
  • Create long-term value – maximise Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) and customer loyalty
  • Identify sales prevention tactics – replace them with customer-friendly processes
  • Analyse performance – enhance sales team productivity using KPI’s
  • Build strong relationship bonds – manage Key Accounts for the long-term 

Sales Training and Coaching in Bristol


We will run the course on these dates:

26th February 2014 – Strategic Sales Management Training Workshop – Bristol

19th March 2014 – Strategic Sales Management Training Workshop – Bristol 

Timings: 09.30 – 16.30

Venue: Centre Gate, Colston Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4TR or The Bear at Rodborough, Rodborough Common, Stroud, GL5 5DE


£299.00 + VAT payable on booking

Booking: Contact or call us on 0117 317 8147 to book your place, the number of delegates, advise dietary requirements and to decide on your own specific bespoke requirements for us to cover during the course.

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