Sales training for business owners – Bristol and Bath

You know that selling is vital to your business, but it’s a skill that you lack. You don’t see yourself as being a sales person. It might lower your credibility to others.

Whatever the reason for not wanting to be known as a sales person, it is essential that you manage the sales process efficiently and effectively.

This Sales training for business owners – Bristol and Bath course is for you if own a business and don’t have someone in the sales role.

This is what you cover:

  1. What is selling and what is marketing
  2. 5 Top tips for getting in front of the right people
  3. Qualify before you quote – make sure they can really buy before sending time sending out the quotes
  4. Closing – how to ask for the order without even trying
  5. Following up after the sale – why is this important and how to get it right

How long is the Sales training course?

The course is only half a day but includes two hours of email and telephone follow up after the course. It ensures that generic advice is modified to suit your needs.

Where is it run?

We run all our sales training courses in Bristol. The address is The Colston Office Centre, Bristol, BS1 4TR.

How much does it cost?

£97 +VAT, but if you go for the early bird price it is only £67 per person

How do I book?

Follow the link to find out dates and times for our Sales Training for Business Owners in Bristol and Bath

We hope you enjoy the Sales training for business owners – Bristol and Bath course. Call 0117 317 8147 if you would like more details.