IExecutive coaching and sales mentoring bristol don’t play golf much. My time is too precious to spend hunting for balls in the undergrowth.

But when it goes well …. The point is it so very rarely does go well. Golf is hard. Don’t let anyone kid you that it is a simple game. It takes a lifetime to master and few can make that sort of sacrifice.

It does however offer some useful insights into life. Small changes can have a significant impact.

A few years back I was so fed up with spanking it off line that I decided to go to see a golf pro. I arrived, seriously underwhelmed. He was reading the latest golf magazine, leaning nonchalantly on the counter, smug in the knowledge that he would be pocketing some shillings from me.

He asked me what the problem was, made me pay him £30, then said “Transfer your weight to your left foot.”

“But you haven’t see me hit a ball yet.” I said. “Don’t need to” he replied “99 times out of a hundred moving the weight to your left foot will solve the problem. So off you go to the golf range and try it, then come back and tell me how well it went.”

I went off, did as he suggested and the ball flew straight as an arrow. I hit loads of balls, hit them till my arms ached. It was such a good feeling to see them go straight.

Just that small almost imperceptible change made all the difference.

Insight – The pro had the knowledge and the appropriate means of communicating it to me. I did as he said. Things changed dramatically. Money changed hands.

Have you ever experienced a small change that had a significant impact? Let us know.