Social media in a B2B setting doesn’t work

Social media - is there any point?Let me clarify. B2B is business to business where one firm is looking to sell to another firm. B2C is business to consumer where the firm is seeking to engage with a consumer directly.

Social media is any on line promotional platform whereby firms seek to engage with other firms via platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

The goal in social media is to engage more with the personality than with products or services. It’s all about personal branding, ego and demonstrating who you are and not what you do or the benefit that you offer.

Social media in a B2B setting does not work

Why? Because businesses buy products or services. They are not interested in personality, personal branding or ego. They just want to buy a solution to a problem, to scratch their itch. They seek solutions by looking for the closest thing they can to a solution and then fine tune it when they have a few options. But they certainly wont be buying based on an on line personality.

Only the very smallest firms might buy through social media connections, and one could argue that is more a B2C transaction as they are in essence buying for themselves and not as an officer of the company.

4psSo my view is that if you want to sell to established businesses, focus more promoting what you do in terms that your audience understands. Make it clear what you are selling, the benefit the users get from using you and the process that you will use to make it happen.

Any thoughts?



  1. In the last five years I have generated over £750K of B2B revenue through leads that initiated in social media. I couldn’t disagree more with the the sentence: “It’s all about personal branding, ego and demonstrating who you are and not what you do or the benefit that you offer.” I’ve found the opposite. Where social media works brilliantly in B2B is in nurturing relationships, giving people a sample of what you do, and demonstrating real authenticity. It’s just people talking to people… which is as (if not more) useful) in a B2B as B2C. I do agree that people won’t see a tweet and sign on the dotted line immediately. But, that’s not the aim. People build up a relationship over time, and social media can enhance that immensely when used effectively alongside more traditional methods.

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