We recently received an unsolicited testimonial for a client we were working with. Nick and I both read it through a couple of times, chatted about the engagement, what went wrong, what went right. We discussed what we thought were the champagne moments and the flat coke moments. At the end of the discussions we both looked away and for a moment pondered on the engagement. I was smiling, and so was Nick.

Why did those two words Thank You! have such an impact? After all, we are hardened consultants, with years of hard knocks under our belts. Did we really need this endorsement?

The answer is yes, we did. It is one of those inexplicable things about life that make it worthwhile. Those acts of random kindness according to the film Heaven Almighty.

There is only one call to action from this blob – to go and do likewise!

Merry Christmas – see you in the New Year

Rob and Nick