So often we are told to think big, to go out and achieve our goals, make our dreams come true. In business we are told to set BHAG’s! Scary.

I’m not arguing with that advice per se, but perhaps in real life might there be a flaw. Think about your own business for a moment. Have you ever set out your biggest goals and dreams and then been stumped for where to start? You have been overawed by the sheer scale of it.

Dov Gordon at The Alchemist Entrepreneur recently blogged about how setting smaller, more achievable goals can propel growth faster than setting your sights on the big reward at the end.

It is an ancient Jewish proverb that is the thinking behind the Dov’s blog. “He who has 100, wants 200”. What Dov is saying is that doubling your size to 200 is more manageable than aiming to hit the million. It is also stretching enough. Setting the bar low at say 110 would not be enough reward to warrant the effort to achieve it.

By taking each right-sized step as a new goal, you not only accelerate the growth process by making it more manageable and achievable, but you also create a template for continued growth. When you reach that initial goal, setting the next one will be relatively simple. The next step after that will come just as easily because it is based on success. The growth process will have unstoppable momentum.

What’s your next step towards that BHAG? Imagine that big, bright vision, or BHAG that you’re working towards. Then, stop and put it away. What you need to do is to set a smaller more achievable goal to get off the ground that in turn sets the template for further growth.

And then? Just do it.

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