An inherent issue for most small business owners is their passion for the product or service they offer. There exists a paradox which unless recognised can prevent a business from sending or shipping their product. The paradox is thus “the individual is drawn to an industry which they feel passionate about and have an in-depth knowledge of, however the same passion and knowledge means that individuals are sometimes unwilling to send or ship their product until they are 100% happy with it, thus delaying the process and the service they provide and inevitably having a negative impact on their cash flow”

 We can spend a disproportionate amount of time on the final detail of what we’re offering and forget the need to actually ship the offering to the customer. Artists for one are notoriously bad at this, not willing to let the customer receiving their commission until they are 100% happy with it, where in fact most customers would probably be happy with the offering at the 95% stage.That extra 5% of time maybe adding nothing to the enjoyment / pleasure gained by the customer and nothing to the value of the offering. So it cost the artist or company both time and money with nothing in return.

Now I am not abdicating removing any quality controls that are in place and focusing purely on the volume of offerings shipped, but I do think that sometimes the balance within organisations is out of sync, because of the passion the producer has for the product they are offering. We need to remember that we also have an obligation to meet agreed deadlines, produce the agreed volume of product per month and remember that our customer is the ultimate quality controller for our offering. If they are happy / delighted with what we have produced then so should we be.

In contrast to artists lawyers are at the other end of the scale and can charge equally for each % of their time. The more time they spend on your case the more they charge you.  They do not have too worry too much about shipping because like taxi drivers the clock is always running. The ideal position is probably somewhere between the two and obviously varies depend on the nature of the product you are offering. But I must admit I don’t know too many rich artists or too many poor lawyers, so financially speaking I know whose approach produces the greater profitability.

Quality is always important but shipping is imperative!