This is a guest post by Barry Harvey of Colston Office Centre. Read his blog here.

Would your day be easier if your phone calls were answered for you? Important calls never missed, unwanted calls fielded?

Or maybe you would benefit from a credible business address in a location that’s just right for your business, with mail forwarded to your instructions?

With a virtual office you gain a professional business presence even when you’re away. You spend less time on the phone unnecessarily and you never miss an important call because you are with another prospect or client.

So, if you work from home and want to improve your business presence, save valuable time and use facilities like meeting rooms, hot-desks and business support services from time to time, then a virtual office could be the answer.

The office that is only there when you need it

A traditional office only really has two settings: on and off.

In a business centre, you have total flexibility of tenure, but you also have a wide range of services to use – and pay for – only when you need them.

This gives you real control over costs and cash-flow. If you have specific periods that require certain solutions, you can book for that period and your outgoings correspond to your income against those particular projects.

Maybe you need a hot-desk for the day, or for a project: you walk in, get wireless access to high speed broadband, a workstation in a co-working space and all the on-site facilities you might need.

Perhaps you need somewhere to meet clients and suppliers or to conduct a professional pitch: wouldn’t a meeting room, bookable by the hour, with wireless and audio visual aids at a reasonable cost be useful?

A serviced office is always there for you: saving you time; saving you money; and providing the agility to keep your business thriving, even in the most difficult circumstances.

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