runOne vital part of every athlete and sportsperson’s development is finding a coach who fully understands their situation and abilities, and can bring out the very best in them. Business coaches and trainers provide the same service for business people, so why is it that there is still a vast gap between the way coaching is perceived in sport, and the way it is considered in business?

Coaching and training are just as essential for reaching the top in business as they are for sport, and are the best way to make sure you rise from the Sunday leagues to the top flight. Here’s how we think about it:


Coaching and training are vital to your development as individuals and as a business. No matter how much business acumen, knowledge and experience you have, there is always more out there to learn. Coaching helps identify the areas where training is most needed, and helps you to systematically put it into practice when you leave the training room and re-enter the office.


Often, what’s needed to really push the business up a notch is the impartial outside view of a coach, combined with the focussed direction of a business plan. When you have these, it becomes easier to see where you’re headed and how exactly you’re going to get there. A business coach will help you through the plan you create together, providing an accountability partner and ensuring you aren’t veering off course.


A coach or health expert is an integral part of making sure that an athlete is healthy. As in-tune with their own body as they might be, nobody can give themself a thorough check-up, not even if they are a doctor. It takes someone with the necessary expertise and impartiality to see what’s not working properly, and in business it’s exactly the same. See our article here about the importance of thorough diagnosis in business.


Most sports involve some kind of strategy, whether this is psychological or otherwise. It is vital to operate to a strategy in business too. The strategy might not be as straightforward as a 4-4-2 formation – It might instead involve analysis of your current position and deciding what you want to change and how. It might involve preparing for potential setbacks. Your strategy is dependant on your business, and it’s vital for making sure you are a fierce competitor.

trainIf you want to transform your business with coaching and training, there are several options available to you. We are holding an event in partnership with GrowthAccelerator which is aimed at business owners with 5+ employees who are looking to grow.

Former World Number 1 squash player Peter Nichol will be speaking about the importance of training in sport, and in business. There will be an opportunity to talk to us about business coaching and to a Growth Manager from GrowthAccelerator about what you can expect from the service.

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Tuesday, April 30th
Colston Office Centre, Bristol, BS1 4TR,
Free to attend
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