Video: the multi-tasking marketing tool you need to use

Video is a powerful force in online marketing. But it can be difficult to know how best to optimise it, especially for B2B and service-providing companies. Their problem is getting over to their audiences who they are AND what they do. It’s about projecting the business personality and culture, not just the service capabilities.

The question asked most frequently is this: how can you use video to highlight a service to its full effect without a physical product to demonstrate?

And if you solve that problem another one rears up. How do you use it to reap the benefits for your business?

Here are our tips for how, and more importantly, why video is so important.

Why use video?

  • SEO loves YouTube

The holy grail of ‘top result, page 1’ on Google is something highly sought-after, but difficult to achieve. Uploading a company video to YouTube can increase Search engine Optimisation (SEO) by reinforcing relevant search terms in the video description and providing more relevant back-links to your site. If you provide a brief summary or even a transcription of the video in the video description, this will also help with keyword SEO. A bit technical but it works!

  • People enjoy watching videos!

Video’s rise in popularity online and offline is due in part to the fact that people enjoy watching videos. It’s more engaging to watch a video than to read pages of information (not to mention easier).

 How should you use video?

  • To explain your service offering

If your business is specialist or difficult to explain, a short, scripted video which can be inter-cut with images of you actually doing the work, can make a huge difference. They get to see you in action. Compare the impact of showing what you do with writing a long webpage about it; it’s much easier for a visitor to engage with and understand.

  • To display your ideal company-image

A video can capture your personality more effectively than writing, and visual messages such as your clothes and facial expressions mean that you’re able to present the image you want customers to see.

  • For client testimonials

Amazon are one of the largest retailers in the world and part of their success is built on their simple but widely-used reviews function. Video testimonials are a similar way to demonstrate your business credibility. They give potential clients the opportunity to see real life examples of people in similar positions to themselves that your business has helped.

Video is the new online language and those early adopters using it will gain massively. It is end-user friendly, SEO friendly and easy to do.

If you have used online video as a B2B company, let us know your experience by commenting below. What has worked well, and perhaps not so well for you?

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I have heard that You Tube is more viewed than TV for 15 year olds

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