MCN associatesMay Wong is a founding director of MCN Associates, an international HR consultancy serving companies who are expanding on a global scale. May and co-founder Nicky Walsh cover core HR management, compensation and benefits and immigration advice. While they offer some pre-formed HR packages, their approach is most often bespoke, using their extensive experience and scope to create an individualised offering for each client.

We asked May about MCN’s vision for the future, and here’s what she sees in store for MCN Associates in the coming years: 

What is the vision for MCN Associates? Where would you love to see your business go? 

MCN is a specialist international HR consultancy working with a very specific client profile in the high tech software sector. Our strategy over the next five years is to continue to identify and secure potential clients and strategic partners in our target market in order to establish our reputation and become the market leaders in our field.


What might prevent you from achieving this? 

Our primary challenge at present is balancing the need to service a growing client base whilst maintaining our entrepreneurial focus and business development momentum. As with many small businesses, we recognise the importance of the founding directors being able to free up time to focus on the high level, strategic development of the business rather than being drawn into the day-to-day detail of delivering client casework – but it’s not always easy to translate that theory into practice.

How do you plan to resolve these issues? 

We are currently in the process of recruiting a consultant to join our core HR team and work alongside our recently appointed compensation and benefits consultant. These two key posts will support the two directors who head up the respective departments and enable them to work more strategically as outlined above. It’s vital to us that we recruit not only excellent practitioners but committed team members who are excited by our entrepreneurial approach and enthusiastic about helping to deliver the organic growth of the business.

We wish MCN all the best with their continued development.