Bristol and Bath are regional hubs of enterprise and excel in areas as diverse as aviation, creative and tourism. We thought it would be a good idea to talk to some of the most prominent business leaders in the area about their own experiences and advice.

Mark Mason seemed like a great person to kick the series off. His company, Mubaloo, is a leading mobile app developer with offices here in Bristol. It has grown considerably since it started in 2009, and continues to do so, recently having acquired the Bristol app development company Always On Message.

As with all success stories, there is a compelling vision that drives the business forward, engages staff and enhances customer experience. Mubaloo’s vision is, in Mark’s own words, “to be the largest and most respected B2B/B2C app development business in the world.”

We asked what might hold them back from achieving these aggressive goals and perhaps more importantly, how they’ll clear the hurdles to growth.

Mark’s view is that Mubaloo’s growth will depend on correctly navigating these 4 things:

  1. Issue: Recruiting and retaining the right people

Solution: Mubaloo succeed in finding really good people. Mubaloo has a policy of never settling for second best when it comes to selection. Having found them the next task is to keep them. Loyalty to Mubaloo is not a given and they work hard to retain their global teams interest in what they are doing.

  1. Issue: Continually refining the proposition

Solution: Continually evolving the proposition to meet the needs of the market. The market is never still and Mubaloo need to ensure they are at the very centre of what is happening in their markets. In a global context this is even more important. Mubaloo needs to be agile and nimble enough to meet the ever demanding needs of the clients.

  1. Issue: Beating the competition

Solution: staying ahead of the competition by continually exceeding the expectations of their clients. The competitors in the global village are working tirelessly to get first mover advantage. Mubaloo needs to be able to respond instantaneously to ensure clients spend their hard earned income on them rather than on the competitors. By developing, evolving and meeting the needs of their clients Mubaloo will stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Issue: Exercising Commercial Control

Solution: keeping the business administration efficient and effective to speed up response times. That demands tight, strict financial and management control but in a way that is embedded in what they do, not just as an afterthought. Mubaloo stay in control by putting in place the right management processes and procedures and maintaining strict financial controls.

Amazing insights from a very successful company. How do you assess the obstacles which might prevent your business vision from becoming reality? What is hampering your growth and how are you going to clear these hurdles? Some food for thought.

Finally, we hope you have enjoyed reading this. You might be able to help us by suggesting business leaders who you think have a similar success story to share? If so, please let us know on 0117 230 3166 or email us on