Dan Fallon is MD at Search Star, a Bath-based Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising company. They employ the largest team of qualified Google Advertising Professionals in the South West and work with clients across the UK. They work with clients of all sizes, from multinational brands to niche start-ups. If you’d like to learn more about how PPC could contribute to your advertising, visit their website.

Search StarSearch Star have recently started sponsoring the Bath & Bristol Marketing Network Group, a local group where marketers have the opportunity to meet and stay up to date with news and advances in marketing, through networking and talks.

We asked Dan some questions about his plans for the future of Search Star:

What is the vision for Search Star?

To keep making our clients happy by delivering great results from online advertising.

MD of Search Star, Dan FallonWhere would you love to see your business go? 

We’ve been going 7.5 years and are starting to gain confidence in our abilities. We’ve nearly doubled in size in the last 12 months and will probably do similarly well over the next 12 months. Our market is incredibly exciting with our plans for 2013 having us expanding from our Search PPC heartland into other forms of online advertising.

We are in the fortunate position that at present 100% of our business comes in by referral. We don’t have a sales team. We get our work by delivering great results to happy clients and long may this continue.

Our challenge is to manage this growth whilst retaining the customer “love” that drove it. We work in a market where customer demand is huge but customer scepticism is also high. Our clients are typically ‘telesaled’ every day by hit-and-run “we’ll get you to #1 on Google” sharks and we need to keep differentiating ourselves.

 What might prevent you from achieving this?

We could grow too quickly, recruit sloppily and fail to build solid teams to manage client business. Good PPC is labour intensive and needs numerate, literate and articulate account managers. The current team we have is our best ever. We need to keep them, grow them and build around them.

Additionally, like many businesses in Bath, we are on the hunt for quality city centre premises. We are a team of 11 at present and will need to move this year. The team are young and need to stay in the centre and there doesn’t seem to be enough quality space for c. 20 person firms.

How do you plan to resolve these issues? 

We’ll keep our focus on client service, quality recruitment and staff training and put some time aside to go house hunting!