house logoThis month’s pilot giving us his view is Graham Massey, Co-Founder and Director at The House brand agency.

Graham has been running The House with co-founder and Creative Director Steve Fuller in Bath for the last 17 years. They have worked with high-profile clients including Mission Burrito, Sea Life Centres, Fiskars and many more.

We asked Graham about the vision for the business, potential obstacles and how The House plan to overcome them.

gmasseyWhat is the vision for The House? Where would you love to see your business go?

We have a very clear vision for The House. We are fanatical about business and want to use our brand skills to help individual companies create customers and employees who are big fans of everything they do. As we all know, fans buy more, talk more, stay longer, work harder, go extra miles and recruit others; as for The House, well we’d love to create fans who love what we do too.

What might prevent you from achieving this?

Our challenge is always to treat our business as if it was a client of The House; allocate time to plan, share thinking with the team, shape outcomes and prioritise action. Then stick to it! Time is our most precious resource. We need to protect it fiercely – stay ‘frosty’. It’s very easy to get caught up in our client work and put ourselves and our housemates last; delaying important internal changes, creative ideas and improvements that will grow us, our capability and our business. It’s like being in any relationship; you need to nourish yourself at the same time.

How do you plan to resolve these issues?

We actually took a dose of our own medicine. Steven and I invested in a couple of days out of the business recently to write a new 3 year roadmap and spend some creative time playing and writing together. I’d recommend it! We realised just how much we still want the same things for the business – even after 17 years – and how much we still enjoy working together. Since then we’ve made two new appointments, run our first Brand Masterclass and instilled an ‘in-house’ communication & briefing ‘heartbeat’, three times a week that supports our values and brand promise. Our aim is ensure we don’t sacrifice the needs of our team when we’re meeting those of our clients. After all, we’re a learning business and our clients need to be confident that we’re in shape, evolving and growing too.