Transformation Leaders is a a unique managed community of independent board level transformation leaders. David Pinchard, MD, answers questions about the company’s past and future in this month’s View from the Cockpit.

What is the vision for Transformation Leaders? Where would you love to see your business go?

We are an independent company based in Bristol and London and we have already been operating for 12 years. We are unique, as we believe in running a carefully selected and managed community with a ceiling of no more than 150 very good senior board level independents, available for great transformation projects in all board disciplines. We have won over £2.5 million of successful projects so far for our members, some being as far away as with Tata HQ in India, and last November I joined a mission of 15 SW MD’s on the largest trade mission to China for many years.

Unusually, we are not an interim agent (and don’t charge like one either), so we have saved our wide range of clients, from the very big like Panasonic and HMG, to the smaller, fast growing companies in the private sector, over £1M through the way that interim agents charge to find the right independent transformation-leader for a project.

The goal is thus: ‘More successful projects year on year’ for clients at board level. We just love what we do, making a real difference to our clients and members.

What might prevent you from achieving this?

Nothing, really. We know how we have got to where we are, and being high quality and unique in the market helps enormously. Referral gets us there. The internet, websites and so on are excellent methods to check people out, but they are not usually what get you through the front door.

We are independent ‘thought leaders ‘in our segment, so we run a lot of good development events in three centres around the country to share our knowledge with clients and members and keep on learning.

How do you plan to resolve these issues?

Although we don’t anticipate any issues, we do have our own five year plan. As a wider picture I think we all have to understand that 50% of our GDP in the state is already a recipe for disaster. Too much debt is lethal once interest rates rise. Printing money in the short term may be vital, but strategically it is inflationary. For our country, which is 1% of the world’s population, not earning our way in the world in innovative ways that add value to what we produce, means we’ll end up starving, with a danger of accompanying civil disturbance; and our currency? It will end up on the floor.

This means constant change, constant improvement and delivery of ‘measurably better for less cost’, or we will not be able to afford the very considerable benefits our people currently enjoy. If you ‘add value’, you’ll need to add even more. If you rely on the state (as around 25% of UK adults do), you’ll need to take a lot less. We have been bankrupt before, from 1940 and onwards to 1952 or so. We got out of that one and also a number of very sticky periods in between. We need to do so again. And we can thank another great British inventor, Tim Berners Lee, only 20 years ago, enabling computers to talk to each other to significantly increase the ability of small businesses to compete and export at much lower set up and running costs and to export their added value easily.

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