Describing what a business coach is and what we do can be challenging at times. We find this image useful for making it clearer:

A Business CoPilot provides the sound advice of a consultant, the support of a coach and the relationship and experience of a mentor.

We are big Seth Godin fans here at Business CoPilot, and he recently posted about the two roles which are essential to every successful business. The two ‘people’ he describes provide an uncanny description of what a Business CoPilot does.

The first role is an agonist. Not to be confused with an antagonist (who blocks action), an agonist causes action to happen. It is somebody who makes you work at your best, and gives you the tools you need to do great things. We do this by working with you to create a plan for the future of the business, and identifying any possible obstacles which need to be removed.

Number two is a procrastinatrix. This somewhat terrifying sounding role is someone who makes sure you get things done. We do this by checking in with you regularly to monitor and advise on the progress of your plan, and make sure you’re on track.

As Business CoPilots, we help you plan what action needs to be taken and advise you on the best way to get it done. Then, through regular coaching meetings, we make sure the plan is being completed in a timely manner. A Business CoPilot is, in short, the two people Seth describes, rolled into one.

As a business owner, sometimes you will recognise that you aren’t holding yourself as accountable as a third-party observer might. We provide that valuable impartiality, as someone who knows you and your business, but is independent and experienced enough to advise you on what’s best.

We are an agonist and procrastinatrix in one: an agonastinatrix. Or a procragonist… Whichever way you want to say it, that is what we do!