What is the hard part of the business?

Seth GodinSeth Godin asks the question – “What is the hardest part of your business”. Seth has launched an online marketing programme in which he poses a whole series of questions.

He cites an energy drink and suggest that getting shelf space is the hardest part. As a coach and sales mentor the hard part is getting in front of the right people. If I can do that then I can guarantee success.

After all I can deliver a business plan, or a strategy plan. I can show the sales cycle and mentor the sales teams to maximise their skill sets. But if I cannot get in front of the right people then I am sunk.

For an author the hard part might be persuading a publisher to take it on, or getting them to stock it. For a solicitor it might be to be found for a legal skill other than conveyancing. I don’t know the answer to that one, but this I do know. If we can sort out the hardest of all the questions that our business throws up, then we are 99% there.

If you have any advice, comments or thoughts, do let me know