Apologies if you are one of the enlightened people that get the social media phenomenon like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. But for many, it is a case of YouTwitFace.

Whilst it may be hard to get your head around it, the facts are that you will have to one day and the sooner the better.

Here is what one of the many social media ninjas, Niall Harbison has to say about the trends that he has spotted based on his article titled:

The 7 Social Media Trends That Will Emerge In 2012

Social Becomes Default

While businesses have grappled with how to get involved with social media over the last few years, most are starting to get on board. 2012 will become the year where social media is accepted as something that is here to stay and will become a default business function. If you are building a new product, you simply won’t be able to ignore social media and the distribution channels and opportunities that it opens for you.

Companies will look to build their own social media teams in-house and the majority of executives will start to see it as its own discipline that simply can’t be ignored. It won’t just be in traditional areas like marketing or customer service that social media will dominate either, you can expect it to move across businesses to departments like sales and recruitment.

I believe there are two key conclusions to draw from this one trend. It will become a default business function. Few things will happen without asking the question – how will we play this in the social media space.

Secondly, it will permeate right inside the business, not just a way to make contact with the various tribes of followers. Inter departmental relationships will be fought, built and occasionally lost in the social media space.

For all it’s faults. social media is here to stay, it is soon to be the dominant communication channel both external to the organisation and internally.

What next – get socially media savvy. Read the books, listen to the gurus, go on courses, try it out for yourself. If all else fails, ask a 15 year old what they think and how they use it.

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