As a result of a series of rather strange circumstances, I met up with David Sloly, enjoyed a cup of coffee and we got chatting. It turns out that he has written a book. I went online to buy it on Friday, it was in my hand by 11.30 on Saturday – way to go Amazon!Anyhow, I was so impressed with it that I have dedicated this post to the book.

Chapter 11 – Telling your story – How to stand out from the crowd

Here are some of the insights from the Chapter 11.

Think of your story as a magnet that attracts attention. Will King of King of Shaves tells how he uncovered his first idea – razor burns after shaving. The rest is history. He is still telling that same story today.

Great story tellers know that great stories have essentially seven plots:

1.    The Quest to achieve distant goals
2.    Voyage and return
3.    Rebirth from a dark spell
4.    Tragedy downfall of the powerful
5.    Overcoming the monster
6.    Rags to riches
7.    Comedy using the above plots with lots of misunderstandings

Select one and then write your authentic story using one of the plotlines above but laced with emotional content, not logic or reason. Look for the human truth in your story and practise telling it. Story tellers have a way of fitting their content in to the plotline in a compelling way that keeps the attention of the reader long after the facts have evaporated.

Here are some ideas as to how you might be able to reveal your own unique plotline:

1.    Did you solve a problem
2.    Did you take a big risk
3.    Did you discover something new and sharing it with the world
4.    Is a famous person involved
5.    Did success come from an incredibly small amount of money
6.    Are cute animals involved
7.    Are you on a journey that people are curious about
8.    Are people getting exited about your offering
9.    Is your idea novel

Summary of the chapter – ZOOM thinking!

“Your story will differentiate you from the competition and make you memorable in the minds of your customers. So craft a convincing but authentic story, based on personal experience rather than on dry facts and stats.”

Their website is and you can buy the book here.