Executive Mentoring

Executive mentoring – Helping senior executives to grow their skills, improve decision making, and open up new perspectives

Mentoring to enhance executive performance

Mentoring for Executive Development


Executives are not born with the skills, experience or expertise needed to carve their career path

It takes time, effort and a bit of luck

But with the right support in the form of mentoring, most executives will achieve more, deliver greater value and be more fulfilled

Here are some of the benefits of mentoring

Mentored executives feel more fulfilled and contented
Executives are more confident in their decision making
Executives deliver greater value to the business and the wider community
Mentored executives understand their KPIs and how to achieve them
Mentoring helps build an executives personal brand
Mentoring signals to the executive that they are valued

Choosing a Mentor

Executive mentoring is a process of building a working relationship between an experienced business person (the mentor) and a business owner or employee (the mentee) so that the mentee can benefit from the experiences gained by the mentor

The mentor is selected on these criteria:

  • their knowledge of the specific business sector
  • their knowledge of the business departmental specialisms such as finance, sales, operations
  • their skills and experience as a mentor
  • personality fit between them

The key is the rapport between them.

No matter how good the fit, if there is no bond between them then the mentoring programme will end prematurely and value will be lost

How our Mentors can help

A problem shared is often a problem halved.  Why not talk with one of our friendly team about the issues you or your executives are facing.

Once we understand the challenges you have to deal with, we will offer our guidance and work together to solve your problem.

To find out more about how we can support you and your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call 0117 230 3166 and speak to one of the team

What next

If you are looking for a mentor that can add value to your business or to you personally, then talk to us.

Together we can provide you with an opportunity to stop, reflect and plan the direction you want to go in.

You can then make the necessary changes to achieve success.

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