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Testimonials for Rob Hook - Skilled Management Consultant helping you grow your business


As a management consultant it is gratifying when things go well. 

Here below are some very kind words that people have written about the work I have done for them.

But it doesn’t always go well! If you want to know about the ones that didn’t go well and why, send me an email – robh@businesscopilot.co.uk

1. Any new business goes through a period of experimentation and flinging everything at the wall to see what sticks. To succeed it must double down on what is core and eliminate the rest. Rob, with a deft touch, helped us make this transition as carefully as possible. Rob made a tangible impact on our bottom line and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

2. Rob is an excellent collector and connector of people. I’ve known Rob for many years and he is trustworthy and reliable. He does what he says he will do. A worthy trait in business.

3. Rob is a thoroughly nice guy, which is a super important attribute when it comes to coaching and gently persuading teams to grow and move on from their entrenched positions. Rob has achieved what really looked like an impossible outcome, to bring about focus, harmony and results.

4. Rob is a very capable guy. Intelligent, articulate and hard-working, he’s also an extremely personable individual. As a result, the projects that Rob and I collaborated on were very successful and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a business partner.

5. On a personal note Rob, thanks for the sessions we have had. A great help to have someone understand the new business development challenges (sales), give good advice, support and encouragement. You have helped give my motivational levels a boost.

6. Rob is a remarkable senior independent. His innovative MBA thesis at Bath University was on the importance of trusted business networks and over the years we have all benefitted from his insights in what has become an even more important subject than ever in our ‘networked’ world. He has huge passion, complete integrity and he rightly believes that all other things being equal then the solidity of a relationship, supplier to client, over time is key. Rob ‘delivers’ when it comes to fresh thinking on business development issues and is an ally on whom you really can depend.

7. We brought Rob on as a consultant and he performed as an NED function within the company. He has consistently provided great insights and has kept us focussed on growing the business.

8. Rob is an experienced management consultant with a pragmatic and logical way of identifying and solving client problems in order to deliver positive results.

9. Rob is a genuinely bright, knowledgeable and hard working guy.

10. Being a communicator by trade, I thought my networking abilities were relatively good – until I participated in a networking skills seminar with Rob. The delivery was professional, passionate, fresh, engaging and fun; and I realised that the scope, skills and reasons are far greater than originally anticipated. The session has been invaluable for the development of my networking skills, in fact, I put them in place with immediately and have already started to develop business relationships. Many thanks.

11. Rob and I studied together for our MBA. Rob brought maturity to the class and insights from his significant and diverse experience. Rob was able to engage in all areas of business management debate and brought clarity to our discussions. He has continued this approach in his professional career.

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