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Rob Hook – Management Consultant

Accelerating Business Growth for Business Owners

Do you ask yourself how you can get the best from your people?

Or where you can find further opportunities for growth?

Perhaps your question is how can you manage your reputation?

Or how should you respond to disruptive staff?

Questions like these are common for business owners. And if not resolved they can stall growth.

My Purpose – As a Strategic Management Consultant I am passionate about sharing my expertise and knowledge to help ambitious business owners resolve reach their full potential. I can help you to maximise growth and/or be acquisition ready. It’s what I do and who I am.

My Mantra is – Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.

Who I am – I am a consummate blend of consultant, coach, mentor and non-executive. I help entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs to take their business forward.  I then assist with strategy and in the execution of their business plan and vision.

My Vision – To help ambitious business owners succeed by offering insightful and practical business advice. That advice is then implemented effectively, on time and on budget.

My Values – To speak the truth as I see it and to inspire confidence in business owners to make the right choices.

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Strategic Management Consultants working to solve business problems
Rob Hook - Strategic Management Consultants

Rob Hook

Rob Hook is a highly qualified and experienced Marketing Director and Strategic Management Consultant. He possesses a remarkable ability to inspire confidence and drive success in those he collaborates with.

With his keen insight and strategic mindset, Rob can cut through the noise to identify the core issues and implement the necessary changes.

Before establishing his consultancy practice, Rob embarked on an energetic career in the British Army. It was here that he honed his leadership skills and developed a strong work ethic.

Drawing from his military background, Rob transitioned into the field of international sales and marketing. He worked with renowned global medical brands such as Gillette and Welch Allyn. This experience provided him with a deep understanding of the complexities and demands of the corporate world.

Throughout his professional journey, Rob actively pursued further knowledge and qualifications to augment his expertise. He earned a Diploma in Marketing, which solidified his foundation in the field. He subsequently pursued an MBA from the prestigious University of Bath, further enhancing his business acumen.

Business CoPilot - Strategic Management Consultants

Business CoPilot

Strategic Management Consultants

Rob’s true passion lies in assisting business owners to grow their businesses. Rob established Business CoPilot, a Strategic Management Consultants practice dedicated to enhancing business growth.

Leveraging his extensive experience and qualifications, Rob and his team have assisted numerous business owners. They work to overcome challenges by formulating cohesive strategies to propel their enterprises forward.

Business CoPilot’s approach is characterized by its commitment to tailored solutions and collaborative engagement. This is done by delving into the unique needs and goals of each client. Rob then ensures that the advice and strategies align with their specific objectives.

Whether it involves resolving existing issues or developing long-term plans, Business CoPilot works closely with the board or senior management team. It ensures the successful execution of the recommended strategies.

Rob’s track record in leadership, marketing, and strategic advisory roles has earned him a reputation for being a trusted and insightful professional. His ability to inspire confidence, foster focus, and drive engagement among those he works with has contributed to the success of numerous businesses.

With his comprehensive skill set and dedication to helping others thrive, Rob continues to be a valuable asset to his clients as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the business world.

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Strategic Management Consultants

Working together to resolve problems and discover new tools and strategies that promote sustained, long term growth.